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The Things You Can Buy on Airplanes

While the airplane is taxiing, or during take-off and landing, I have to turn off the electronic devices. Sometimes I remember to bring a book, but other times that means I have to look in the seat-pocket for entertainment. If the crossword puzzles and Sodoku are done (dear airline, please change the magazines more often) I end up reaching for the SkyMall catalogue. It is guaranteed to provide entertainment, from Star of David Christmas Tree topper (seriously! I am not making that up) to a genuine Harry Potter Magic Wand.

Wine Gadgets for 2010

It's that time of year: when shoppers wonder and/or fret about what to get for their favorite oenophiles. Around this time, lots of gadgets ranging from the practical to those that claim to violate the laws of physics cross our desks. Just in time for Black Friday, here are some reviews from the Palate Press editorial board.