Best of 2015: Irish spirit

Michelle Locke has picked up some of the Palate Press spirits beat, and this year her pursuit of spirits for this publication has taken her to Mexico, Scotland, Ireland, and France. Her Irish travel piece, though, stands out since it has one of the best ledes we've ever run.
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Wine Tourism Italy: Two Apps to Make the Most of Your Time

Planning a visit to Italy and its wineries in the next few months? Nice idea! And you’re lucky, because in our technological times you do not have to weigh yourself down with paper guides, books, maps, leaflets or brochures. Everything you need for your journey is in a convenient app for smartphone or tablet. As an Italian with an iPhone and an iPad, I tried out several of these apps on my own devices and found a couple that are very good.
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The Things You Can Buy on Airplanes

While the airplane is taxiing, or during take-off and landing, I have to turn off the electronic devices. Sometimes I remember to bring a book, but other times that means I have to look in the seat-pocket for entertainment. If the crossword puzzles and Sodoku are done (dear airline, please change the magazines more often) I end up reaching for the SkyMall catalogue. It is guaranteed to provide entertainment, from Star of David Christmas Tree topper (seriously! I am not making that up) to a genuine Harry Potter Magic Wand.