A lineup of wines at Millésimes in Languedoc, last April

2012 Redux: Languedoc Paradox, How a Big French Region is Trying to Show its Identity

Editor's Note: Contributor and Editor, Rémy Charest, looked at the challenges of creating brand and identity for Languedoc, traditionally considered "a provider of high-volume plonk." This article explored the reorganization of this major French wine region and some expected outcomes derived from insights on the Millésimes du Languedoc tasting attended this spring. –Ryan Reichert, Managing Editor
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Argumentum ad Naturam: Reviewing “Wine From Here”

Wine From Here: Natural Wine in California is a documentary film self-financed and produced by brothers Martin Carel and Matthieu Tanguay-Carel. The film focuses on interviews with California winemakers and natural wine advocates, including the wise and eloquent Paul Draper of Ridge, the zealous Tony Coturri, and the queen bee of the natural wine movement, Alice Feiring, documenting the growing natural wine movement in California.