Shafer Hillside Select

This is one of America's First Growths, and, given the two decades it could use to show its best, it will reward the drinker with more than a glass of wine. It will offer an experience in richness, complexity, and the layers of flavors, some maturing and some still barrel-fresh, one has come to expect from Shafer's flagship wine. Very Highly Recommended. 99 points.
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Eighth Annual Petite Sirah Noble Symposium

In 2002, the year PS I Love You executive director Jo Diaz began keeping records, there were some 60 growers and producers of Petite Sirah (PS) in California. Now, owing in part to her tireless efforts, Ms. Diaz may proudly count in excess of 126 growers and a staggering 723 producers in the state.
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Wine for Haiti Lot 79 – A Stag’s Leap Collection SOLD

This is a very special lot. This is not from a winery, but from winery employees. A Palate Press Contributor, and more important a friend, Leah McNally, told her friends and co-workers at Stag's Leap Wine Cellars about Wine for Haiti, and they pulled bottles from their personal collections for the auction. Nice bottles, too. The generous contributors are Leah McNally, Ben DeLeon, Jim Duane, Pete Serrano, and Mark Smith. Retail value of this lot is $573.00.