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2011 Redux: The Very Best Wine iApps

Editors' note: To close 2011, Palate Press: The online wine magazine will be featuring some of our top stories from the past year. Our second piece comes from Paul Mabray, Chief Strategy Officer of VinTank: Digital Think Tank for the Wine Industry, highlighting the most promising mobile wine apps by category.
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Genepy Bordiga Liquore naturale

A liquore flavored from Swiss mountain herbs, this makes a very interesting disgestif. The primary flavoring herb is artemisia mutellina, an herb grown in the Maira Valley, in Italy. The color is a lightly gree...

Wine Gadgets for 2010

It's that time of year: when shoppers wonder and/or fret about what to get for their favorite oenophiles. Around this time, lots of gadgets ranging from the practical to those that claim to violate the laws of physics cross our desks. Just in time for Black Friday, here are some reviews from the Palate Press editorial board.