Ron Añejo Pampero Aniversario

This delicious blend of dark rums is aged two to eight years in oak barrels. On the palate it explodes with waves of different flavors. It starts with cocoa, butter, leather, and fiddlehead ferns. Cocoa and gra...
Privateer Silver

Privateer Silver Reserve Rum

Aromas of tropical fruit and orange blossoms flow upward from the glass. It opens with maple, then opens broadly into flavors of fresh apples. Honey crisp apples and baked apples roll across the palate before t...

Privateer “True American” Rum

Molasses, apple and spices are on the nose. Maple syrup leads on the nose, followed by baked pears. The mid-palate has vegetal flavors, cucumber and sautéed fennel root, with a strong crème brûlée finish. Very ...
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Red Carpet Cocktails

‘Tis the season for Oscar parties. If you really want to impress your friends during this Sunday’s festivities, don your tux or gown, get behind the bar, and whip up some of these cocktails inspired by some of the nominees.