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Palate Press Wine of the Week: 2010 Stag’s Hollow GVM

Quite an unusual wine from this Okanagan Valley winery : a field blend of grenache, viognier and marsanne, pressed together and fermented together in oak barrels, thus creating an unusual, largely blanc de noirs, white wine. Coming from a cool vintage, it has an edgy, vibrant touch, combining the aromatics of Rhône varieties with a blend of lime and tropical flavors. Crisp, it also has good weight and a fairly round mouthfeel. creating a unique profile and balance. It is, at this point, a very young wine. A year or two in bottle will round it out, and it may well have several more years of life in it. Highly Recommended. RC

Putting Your Best Oak Forward: Diversity in the World of Barrels

If you've never put your nose inside a few well-wrought barrels, it may be hard to understand just how excited winemakers can become about oak - and also, just how varied the contribution of oak to the profile of a wine can be. The range of smells, the different characters that jump at you, as you compare individual barrels, is simply astonishing.
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2008 La Stella Vivace

La Stella Vivace is a fine example of the Okanagan coming through in the grape. Grown sustainably and organically, the Vivace is crisp and refreshing with citrus and green pears on the nose. The palate reveals a touch more citrus, a juicy splash of green tree fruits (apples & pears), hints of tropical fruit (think: pineapple) and an undertone of sage and stone that reminds me so much of the desert.