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2010 Thirty Bench Riesling

In cooler winegrowing areas, one could easily think that the appearance of a warm, dry, sunny vintage would always be greeted with enthusiasm and happiness by winegrowers and winemakers. The reality, however, i...

Putting Your Best Oak Forward: Diversity in the World of Barrels

If you've never put your nose inside a few well-wrought barrels, it may be hard to understand just how excited winemakers can become about oak - and also, just how varied the contribution of oak to the profile of a wine can be. The range of smells, the different characters that jump at you, as you compare individual barrels, is simply astonishing.
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Rethinking Icewine in Niagara

These days, the Niagara region, in Ontario, is all about the drink that first brought it international recognition and fame : icewine. Harvested when the true cold of winter hits, yet shining with sunny, heartwarming aromas, this high-priced elixir allowed the fledgling Canadian wine industry, in the 1980s, to show the world something distinctive and delicious. And while there is now a lot more going on in Canadian vineyards, it remains a symbol of success for the national wine industry.