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Kosher Wine for Passover: Getting More Serious Than Manischewitz

For Israeli wines, “kosher” is a blessing and a curse. Israel right now is one of the most exciting wine countries in the world. The country made almost exclusively bad sweet wine for its first 50 years, but now it’s like California of the 1970s, in a period of rapid growth and experimentation and great increases in quality. But the kosher marketing conundrum hangs over everything: how to sell Israeli wines, kosher or not, to non-Jews, a necessity if the industry is to sustain its present growth.

2012 Redux: Wine Snobs, Unite!

Editor's Note: "Hatred of a straw man is a powerful force," says Blake Gray in this column from June of this year. The monthly columnist comes to the defense of so-called "wine snobs," those much maligned élitists of movies and New Yorker cartoons. However, the people to whom the term is applied are usually the everyday enthusiasts like you and me. –Tom Mansell, Science Editor
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Memo to Servers: A Response

There is absolutely no way that anyone who expresses disdain for a Server attempting to refill their wine glasses can have spent any reasonable length of time working in a restaurant.