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2006 Newton Red Label Claret

Try this- make a laminated board out of several layers of oak and cedar. Dribble three drops of vanilla extract on it, let it soak in. Now, place one blackcurrant, just one, on the ground and smack it with the ...
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2006 HellBent

This medium-bodied bottle of wine delivered with plenty of ripe fruit. But it wasn't nearly as jammy or plummy as I had expected; instead, it was juicy with dark berries, cassis and yummy pepper. The finish, wh...
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2007 La Posta Cocina Blend

The Cocina Blend is literally “The Kitchen Blend”, almost everything but the kitchen sink in theory. I tasted this as a media tasting presented by VineConnections, a local importer that specialized in Argentin...
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2007 Curran Grenache Gris Rose

This wine is the most beautiful dark salmon-colored rosé. This wine is produced from the Grenache Gris grape, which is one of the few "pink" grapes. This crisp rose had a ton of tropical fruit and melon flavo...