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2005 Wild Earth Pinot Noir

Tart, fresh cherries and strawberries, smoked meat, and a hint of sea salt. There is also a sense of old velvet, a dusty musky earthy flavor coming mostly from dusty sweet tannins. A fairly tight streak of acid...
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2005 Jeriko Estate Pinot Noir

The taste is like strawberry marmalade. Strawberries are there, but with the tartness and richness of marmalade, rather than the pure sweetness of jam or jelly. Add the flavors of truffles and a touch of bacon ...
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2007 Kumeu River Hunting Hill Chardonnay

This vineyard overlooks the more infamous Mate’s vineyard and has a South and West aspect. There is much more fruit on the nose with some white flower. The minerality in this wine is barely detected and the texture is elegant and pleasing. This is my favorite of the Kumeu River Chardonnay lineup.
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2006 Yangarra Shiraz McLaren Vale Single Vineyard

Right off the bat it was like I dove head first into a rosemary bush and got a few sprigs shoved up my schnoz. I love rosemary and it’s a very distinctive aroma of the Syrah grape. Add that with some black olives and this was getting very interesting, indeed. The taste was also herbaceous with black fruit, slight minerality and medium spice on the finish.