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2008 La Stella Vivace

La Stella Vivace is a fine example of the Okanagan coming through in the grape. Grown sustainably and organically, the Vivace is crisp and refreshing with citrus and green pears on the nose. The palate reveals a touch more citrus, a juicy splash of green tree fruits (apples & pears), hints of tropical fruit (think: pineapple) and an undertone of sage and stone that reminds me so much of the desert.
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Ottimino 2006 Zinfinity

Ottimino's Zinfinity comes after establishing a reputation for Zin. The wine has a dark fruit with vanilla hint taste with plenty of 20 months in French Oak for pretty big tannins on the finish. The alcohol is a suprisingly low 13.9 percent. A nice wine at the price point that will hold up with most foods.
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2003 Aglianico Ocone

This wine had an earthy, dark cherry flavor that was well balanced with mild tannins. It’s a lighter style with big flavor. Stick your nose in the glass and get the must, the earth and enjoy something a bit different.