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NV Jean Laurent Champagne, Blanc de Noirs Brut

This is a lovely glass of bubbles. When first opened it displayed a lot of lemon flavors, but after just a few minutes it showed far more complexity and depth. There was lightly yeasty well-browned toast, almonds, loads of pears and apples, pineapple and the original lemon coming through late. The finish is 20-30 seconds or more. Disgorgement date July 2008.
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2008 Domaine André Neveu Sancerre Rosé

Pale, clear, salmon pink with some golden tinges. Clean, grass, banana—carbonic maceration is used in Sancerre to produce rosés—tropical fruit, grapefruit, fresh, apple, pear, tangerine. Dry, medium-light body, medium acidity, pear, apple, lemon, strawberry, cherry, soft red fruit and a medium finish. Read more wine reviews on my blog, oe•no•phile.
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2007 Château Gaudrelle Vouvray Sec

Clear, light gold color. Clean, medium intensity nose with honey, floral, apple, and pear aromas. Dry, medium body, medium-high acidity, soft citrus, green apple, and stone fruit. Vouvray is produced in four levels of sweetness: Sec, Demi-Sec, Moelleux, Doux. In terms of residual sugar, that left in solution after the wine is finished with fermentation, they can range from 0 grams per litre up to 45 (4.5%). Though people might associate these smells, or even the tastes with "sugar" these wines are not always actually sweet. That said, they pair very well with richly flavored dishes with similarly concentrated characteristics. Read more wine reviews on my blog, oe•no•phile.
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2004 Domaine Leflaive Mâcon-Verzé, France

There is a solid chalky streak along a touch of brine up front, under a mild butterscotch flavor. The butterscotch gives way to lemon on the midpalate. The finish falls off quickly, but at this price point that is not a surprise. Tasted blind this is pretty good. Weighted for QPR, it is very good.