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Carnival in Italy, a Festival of Wines and Foods

Carnival is a festival which is noted especially in traditionally Catholic countries, because it is the period from Epiphany (January 6) to the beginning of Lent, and these celebrations have roots far back in time: they probably derive from Greek parties as the Dionysian (feasts in honor of Dionysus, the god of wine!).

2012 Redux: The Traveling Grape, Predicting our Future Wines

Editor's Note: Italian wine columnist Lizzy Tosi takes us on a journey to ground-zero of grape production: the internationally-known vineyard nursery where next year's vines are grown and propagated. Some grapes are native to the area, and others have been brought in from other localities because they are on the cusp of popularity in new regions. Seeing what is growing in this cooperative farm today shows us what is going to be in our wineglasses five years or more in the future. –Becky Sue Epstein, Editor