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2012 Redux: The Traveling Grape, Predicting our Future Wines

Editor's Note: Italian wine columnist Lizzy Tosi takes us on a journey to ground-zero of grape production: the internationally-known vineyard nursery where next year's vines are grown and propagated. Some grapes are native to the area, and others have been brought in from other localities because they are on the cusp of popularity in new regions. Seeing what is growing in this cooperative farm today shows us what is going to be in our wineglasses five years or more in the future. –Becky Sue Epstein, Editor

2012 Redux: Wine Snobs, Unite!

Editor's Note: "Hatred of a straw man is a powerful force," says Blake Gray in this column from June of this year. The monthly columnist comes to the defense of so-called "wine snobs," those much maligned élitists of movies and New Yorker cartoons. However, the people to whom the term is applied are usually the everyday enthusiasts like you and me. –Tom Mansell, Science Editor

2012 Redux: Tasting Wine, Broadly Speaking

Editor's note: "We taste wine with four of our five senses: sight, smell, touch, and taste" but the same wine "tasted" by two people will not be perceived identically. And how do we explain sights, aromas and flavors in our glass? Author Meg Maker takes us through the vocabulary of wine, showing us what we have in common when we experience a wine — and how to express it. –Becky Sue Epstein, Editor