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In Maryland, Blue Crabs, Natty Boh, and World-Class Wine

Maryland's wine industry still faces a number of challenges. For such a small state, Maryland has a wide range of climates and a number of different soil types, so viticulturalists are still figuring out which grapes work best, where. But without question, the future is bright for Maryland wine.
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The Rise of American Rosé

In recent years, American vintners have started to produce rosés that can easily rival the Old World's best offerings. With summer just around the corner, these wines are worth exploring -- and stocking up on.
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Celebrating America’s Rhone Rangers

This week, more than 100 wine producers are gathering in San Francisco to celebrate America's take on the 22 grape varieties originally made famous in France's Rhone Valley. The producers -- known collectively as the "Rhone Rangers" -- trace their roots to the 1980s, when a small group of California vintners dedicated to these varieties began meeting informally.

Identifying Flaws and Faults in Wine

Flawed wines should be poured down the drain or returned to your server. Wine should be delicious -- and life is too short to drink bad wine. Recognizing common wine flaws is at least as important as memorizing grape names and tasting descriptors. So here's a quick primer on some common faults.
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Envisioning Wine’s Future

On Super Bowl Sunday, one in three viewers drank wine. This number caught me by surprise. Sure, the United States surpassed France as the world's largest wine-consuming nation in 2010. But wine still intimidates many consumers. Fortunately, as the Super Bowl statistics help demonstrate, this is quickly changing. Across the country, Americans are embracing wine.
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Zinfandel: Uniquely and Distinctly American

Zinfandel can be delicious. The best examples are wonderfully accessible and strike the perfect balance between power and finesse. While certainly robust, they’re marked by fresh, brambly berries and are energetic enough to pair with a variety of cuisines. Plus, Zinfandel is uniquely and distinctly American.

Drink Better in 2013

A wine enthusiast's "value" wine is a regular wine consumer's "splurge" wine. In 2013, resolve to splurge more often. Even if this means drinking less wine to keep your budget balanced, your palate will thank you.