Travel in a Bottle

Wine enthusiasts are fortunate in that we get to go somewhere virtually every night. As Anthony Dias Blue once explained, "wine is a passport to the world."
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Wine Blogging Grows Up

What started as a small collection of amateur wine journalists embracing a new form of communication has evolved into a group of writers that's virtually indistinguishable from the "conventional" wine media.
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A Beach Book for Wine Enthusiasts

Rarely do wine enthusiasts have a summertime page-turner. There was Sideways, of course, the Pinot-drenched novel by Rex Pickett that became a blockbuster movie, but that hit bookstores nearly ten years ago. ...
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Embracing the Obscure

California’s revolutionary vintners are willing to embrace the state’s vast and varied climate by avoiding popular grapes and bottling the obscure. They're worth celebrating.

Thinking While Drinking

Those of us who obsess over what we drink aren't just looking for something tasty; we're looking for an experience. Whether a bottle costs $15 or $150, we're hoping for something great. And a great wine makes you think.