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2003 Jeriko Estate Syrah – Mendocino, California

This under $30 Syrah was probably not intended to sleep in the cellar until 2010, but it awakened with surprising maturity and complexity. A wine described as "lavishly oaked" two or three years ago is now balanced, aromatic, and flat-out savory. Olives, hickory smoked bacon, black pepper, and sage are all lightly brushed with soy sauce for a savory northern Rhone doppelganger.

Palate Press Wine of the Week- 2005 Cornerstone Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon

A big, jammy wine, but balanced with a good streak of acid and very fine, firm tannins. Most of all, it is still very young, with many years of cellar improvement ahead of it. File this future tasting note away and test me in 10 years- blackberry and plums take a back seat to complex mature flavors of lavender, cigar box, a mix of leafy spices, marjoram, sage, and rosemary, and the meaty, crisp, smoky flavor of the well-done end of a nice prime rib.
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Palate Press nominated as Best Wine Blog

The nominees for the Wine Blog Awards were announced today, and Palate Press was nominated as Best Overall Wine Blog. You can vote for us HERE. Congratulations are due to Palate Press Editors and Contributors,...
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2003 Château Cambon La Pelouse – Haut-Médoc, France

Like several for the moderately-priced bottles of '03 Bordeaux I have opened recently, this is coming to life, perhaps even peaking now. A year ago it was dead, but now it is showing a pleasant balance of fruit, blackberry and some raspberry, and more aged flavors of violets and cigar box. Tannins are soft and smooth. This has matured into a very pleasant bottle of wine at a bargain price, drinking at its peak right now. Highly recommended as a bargain introduction to a great year for Bordeaux.
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2006 Greg Norman Estates Cabernet-Merlot – Limestone Coast, Australia

Flavors of blackcurrant and a tiny touch of mint are quickly overwhelmed by cherries from the merlot and wood from the winemaking. It is sweet, red fruits ultimately dominating, with spices from the wood, cinnamon and clove. This is one of the better grocery store wines, keeping varietal correctness and not collapsing into an oak-extract mass of maple and brown sugar.