Kermit Lynch’s Journey of Wine Discovery

Lynch inspired many imitators and changed the way Americans purchase wine. One could even argue that Lynch helped save wine from itself.

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A Consumer Revolution in Wine

In the optimistic future of American wine, well-informed consumers will be confident in their own preferences and eager to explore without consulting a professional critic.

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Toss Those Tasting Notes

While the baffling rhetoric of a typical tasting note might benefit some oenophiles, it intimidates consumers and stands in the way of wine appreciation. It’s time to change the way we talk about wine.

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Wondering What To Drink? Ask a Winemaker

Imagine if BMW’s design chief admitted that Ford produces some of his favorite cars. Or if the CEO of Coca-Cola confessed that every now and then, he craves a Pepsi. Pure fantasy, of course. But with wine, such admissions happen daily.

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Cru Beaujolais: Fresh, Vibrant, and Perfect for Early Fall

All wines are appropriate for all seasons. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a simple white or crisp rosé in the winter, and big reds work all year long. But our diets change with the weather. Just as we look forward to watermelon and fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes in the summer, we crave soups, stews, and roasts in […]

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With Wine, Emotion Matters

There’s an emotional component to wine appreciation — and that shouldn’t be ignored.

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Intimidated by wine? Start drinking.

Wine might be complex, but at the end of the day, it’s just fermented grape juice. And the best way to learn about wine is to drink it.

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“Somm” Captivates Viewers With Wine Evaluation

It’s refreshing to see sommeliers who would be just as comfortable shotgunning beers in a frat house as evaluating high-end Bordeaux at a French chateau.

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