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Evan Dawson

Evan Dawson is the Finger Lakes Editor for the New York Cork Report and is completing a book about Finger Lakes winemakers. His paid job includes offering his best Ron Burgundy impersonation as a morning news a...

Palate Press Columnists Win at 2012 Roederer Awards

Palate Press was well-represented among the winners at this year's Louis Roederer International Wine Writers' Awards. Columnist Erika Szymanski was awarded the Emerging Wine Writer of the Year award and columnist Evan Dawson won the International Wine Book of the Year award for his book, Summer in a Glass: The Coming of Age of Winemaking in the Finger Lakes.
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There’s More to Color Than Money

I can’t honestly say that I’d like to play devil’s advocate to Evan Dawson’s argument in “The Money of Color.” A devil’s advocate is properly someone who argues a point with which they disagree, and I stand wholeheartedly in agreement with my argument against “The Money of Color.”