PP Friends, lend me your expertise: I am doing an updated review of the latest wine suitcases – the cases that you can fill and check as baggage on a flight with no harm to the contents. I would like some input/observations from any of you who have used either the VinGarde Valise (direct online) or the just released Vino Voyager (from Wine Enthusiast). I’m tying to get a fairly quick turnaround (there is a good news story here as well, which you will see when I publish), so please get your comments to me ASAP. And thanks to all Brothers & Sisters of the Vine! Gary Thomas, PP Editorial Board

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Gary Thomas
Wine Review Editor

Gary Thomas is also a longtime professional journalist, and former senior correspondent at the Voice of America. He was the wine columnist for the Austin American-Statesman in Austin, TX, and has freelanced wine articles for other publications, including the Wine Spectator. He has spent much of his long journalistic career working overseas, managing to cadge needed wine in the hardiest of circumstances and unlikliest of locales, even in places like Pakistan and Iran.

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  1. Andrew Dick

    I have the VinGarde Valis. It works pretty well. Feel free to contact me with questions.