“High Priestess” Sauvignon Blanc 2016

The color is almost completely transparent, with the lightest yellow/green tinting. The nose screams New Zealand, with gooseberry and white grapefruit. There is a hint of green pepper on the under-side of the nose. The palate leads with gooseberry, then shoots quickly into a more tart quince, then dives head-long into lemon, finishing there and lingering. This is more of a refresher than a food accompaniment, so drink on a hot day at pool-side. Recommended. 86 points. DBH

WHO: Prophecy Wines
WHAT: Sauvignon Blanc
DESIGNATION: High Priestess
WHERE: Marlborough, New Zealand
HOW MUCH: $12 (media sample)

“The Star” Pinot Grigio 2015

The color is a very pretty golden hue. Honeysuckle and tropical fruits come through on the nose. Tropical fruits lead on the palate, too, with tangerine and mango. It moves quickly to more bitter flavors, predominately lemon pith. Acids are vibrant. Drink with something rich and creamy, for contrast. Sea urchin would be an excellent choice. Recommended. 86 points. DBH

WHO: Prophecy Wines
WHAT: Pinot Grigio
WHERE: Venezie, Italy
HOW MUCH: $12 (media sample)

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