We loved Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum. Now they’ve taken it up another notch and given that 93-point rum an additional 8 months of aging in Bourbon barrels. There are plenty of adjectives to choose from, but it’s hard to get past the very first “Wow!” that erupts out of your mouth, unbidden, after the first sip of this amazing elixer.

Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum is a blend of molasses-based rums from Florida, Central America, and the Caribbean, some pot distilled and some column distilled, and then solera aged through Bourbon and Port  barrels, blended, and then solera aged in Spanish Sherry casks. In the limited-production Bourbon barrel cask edition, it then gets another eight months in Bourbon barrels, adding marvelous flavor and complexity.

The nose smells like fresh-bake pecan pie on Thanksgiving day. Brown sugar, vanilla, and pastry are huge, with pumpkin pie spices far in the background. On the palate, the pumpkin pie is even stronger – toasted barrels impart a toasted nut flavor to go with the brown sugar and pastry. Sweetness lingers, with dried citrus and roasted coffee. Mouth feel is viscous and palate-coating.

This is a terrific pour at any time, but really stands out as an after-dinner drink, where it will sparkle alongside the finest ports or sherries.

Very Highly Recommended. 95 points. DBH

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David Honig

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One Response

  1. David McClintock

    I do not appreciate wasting $90 on this rum and I think people need to know the facts before they buy this.

    1) This rum is BLENDED from 3 different countries/areas. Florida (the United States). Central America. The Carribean. It does not say WHICH countries or islands specifically. Just those 3 areas. I don’t WANT mixed garbage, I want my rum to reflect the distillery, company, labor, country etc. that it’s manufactured in. IF I would have known this is mixed I would never have purchased it. To give you some perspective imagine you buy some beer then find out it’s Corona, Fosters, and Budwieser mixed together. That’s garbage.

    2) This rum has too much alcohol in it. No wonder it has a “long lasting finish”. Indeed! Quality rum is meant to be tasted and savored. If I only cared about alcohol content I would drink moonshine and be done with it.

    I am pouring this where it belongs: down the drain. I am pissed for spending $90 on this. I got taken here and I don’t appreciate it. Serves me right for listening to all these paid marketing/internet publishing companies and their “honest reviews” and rankings.