If you find a bottle of this wine lingering in a wine shop, buy it.  According to my sources, it averages around $15 – if you can find it.  This is a very good red wine made with Bordeaux varieties of grapes, and it won’t get any better so drink it now.  At first there’s anise and mint and tangy herbs in the aroma, and smooth cooked fruit on the palate.  Mild acidity and moderate finish. But the tannins and more tangy herbs spring to life as the wine opens in your glass, after about a half hour.  It’s even better after an hour: more fruit, more body.

RECOMMENDED (especially at this price) 90 – BSE
WHO: Hayman & Hill
WHAT: Meritage
WHERE:  Monterey County, California
WHEN: 2005

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Becky Sue Epstein
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