Tom Mansell, Ph.D., Palate Press’ Science Editor, offers a four-part lecture in the science of wine. He discusses yeast, esters, flaws, and even how to fix some flaws. Tom is an entertaining and informative speaker. We hope you enjoy Wine Science Part I, with Tom Mansell.

Wine Science Part I Title




Wine Science, Part II, will be posted next week.

About The Author

Tom Mansell
Science Editor

Tom Mansell is the Science Editor here at Palate Press and a member of the Editorial Board. He has a PhD in chemical engineering from Cornell University, where he also learned to love the wines of the Finger Lakes. He is also the Science Editor for The New York Cork Report. Tom is currently living in Boulder, CO, where he is a researcher at the University of Colorado. Follow him on Twitter @mrmansell.

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One Response

  1. Lynn

    Hi Tom,

    Never having taken a class in chemistry, I’ve been struggling to understand all the chemistry involved in wine sensory evaluation as I am currently taking a class in this. I have read articles and attended lectures, but no one has so succinctly and thoroughly explained the science of wine aromas as you. I had no idea that there were good smelling sulphur compounds – particularly the tropical fruits. Never would have put those two together. Looking forward to the other 3 parts of your series, the sooner the better!