Excuse us for the short diversion from wine reviews. Today we are running a review of a new cocktail made with Genepy Bordiga and Cognac. Genepy Bordiga is a liquor flavored with artemisia mutellina, an herb grown in Italy’s Maira Valley. Its terrific florals, viscous mouth-feel, and touch of fennel pairs beautifully with a fine Cognac’s own floral bouquet. The combination of lemon and florals give a overwhelming aroma of citrus flowers on the nose. On the palate it starts sweet, the Cognac leading but supported by licorice and hibiscus. This is a very pretty and unique cocktail, floral, and delicate enough to preserve the palate for the meal to come. Perfect to serve before a meal of fresh pompano or other fine flaky white fish. Highly Recommended (94). DH


1.5 oz. Courvoisier VSOP or other fine Cognac
1 oz. Genepy Gordiga Liquore Naturale
twist of fresh lemon

Pour Cognac and Genepy over ice and stir. Strain into martini glass, squeeze twist of lemon lightly over the surface to add a tiny spritz from the peel, then add to the edge of the glass and enjoy.


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