With temps out here on the East Coast tipping routinely into three digits, this Greek wine is a really nice summery quaff. Quite citrusy nose of lemon and grapefruit from this indigenous Greek varietal. The grapefruit follows thru on the palate, with additional flavors of peach and apple, even a hint of vanilla, marked overall by a tart acidity that gives the wine balance. Finishes cleanly, Very pleasant. Try with saganaki (grilled halloumi cheese – it doesn’t melt) or grilled shrimp or squid. Highly Recommended (90-96). GPT

WHO: Domaine Kikones
WHAT: Malagousia
WHERE: Thrace, Greece
WHEN: 2010
HOW MUCH: $12 (media sample)



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Gary Thomas
Wine Review Editor

Gary Thomas is also a longtime professional journalist, and former senior correspondent at the Voice of America. He was the wine columnist for the Austin American-Statesman in Austin, TX, and has freelanced wine articles for other publications, including the Wine Spectator. He has spent much of his long journalistic career working overseas, managing to cadge needed wine in the hardiest of circumstances and unlikliest of locales, even in places like Pakistan and Iran.

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One Response

  1. Melina Tassou

    Thank you so much for this review !!!
    We do sort all grapes by hand (on a sorting table) berry by berry to achieve these kind of aromas that the gifted greek varietal Malagousia has to offer from our privately owned organic vineyards in Maronia-Thrace (North East Mainland Greece)
    Did you know that eating this grape brings you the same flavor with the wine you are tasting ?
    Thank you again,
    Melina Tassou
    Winemaker at Domaine Kikones