Joie Farm is certainly one of the most delightful wineries in the Okanagan. Their crisp whites and easy-drinking rosé and Passetoutgrain, evoking the Burgundian blend of gamay and pinot noir) are consistently some of the most pleasant wines in British Columbia’s wine country. Careful and well-controlled in their approach – sometimes almost to a fault – they produce well-defined cuvees like this Noble Blend, made in the spirit of Alsace with a blend of the French region’s traditional varieties. The 2011 is the most successful vintage of that cuvée – at least of the last three I tasted. It strikes a wonderful balance between the crispness of riesling, the floral aromatics of gewürztraminer and the friendly fruitiness of pinot blanc, all combining into a clean, long, expressive finish. A wine for all sorts of occasions, from simple summer sipping to accompanying grilled pork chops or fish in a cream sauce. Highly recommended. RC

WHO: Joie Farm
WHAT: White blend (38% riesling, 33% gewürztraminer, 14% pinot blanc, 11% pinot auxerrois),
WHERE: Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada
WHEN: 2011
HOW MUCH: $24 CDN (from the winery)

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