As I hope you know by now, we are auctioning off some absurdly great and rare wines for a very good cause, to raise funds to help find out what happened to a missing girl. To read about it please read Wine for Lauren. Wines include 1953 Margaux, 1927 Croft Port, 1966 Latour, a 2004 Caymus magnum, and much more. You can see the whole catalogue at the Wine for Lauren Auction Catalogue.

The first lots will go hot on Monday. Once a lot goes hot it will go to the highest bidder in the comments, after a comment thread goes a full business day without a new bid. Visit the Catalogue on Monday to see which lots went hot. It will be one of the lots that already has a bid, so check out the wines you like and, if they don’t have a bid yet, make one.

Thank you, and I hope you will bid, and tell all your wine-loving friends about Wine for Lauren.

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