A rich, oaky, meaty, buttery nose. Plenty of  vanilla in aroma and flavor. Some wild herbs and
a bit of lemon and apricot skin in the flavor, too. A medium-heavy body – though the label says
it’s only 13.5% alcohol. Peppery, medium-length finish. Without food vanilla dominates but with
food this is a better balanced wine. Drink with buttery foods and sauces (not tomato). Recommended. BSE

WHO: Kirkland
WHAT: Chardonnay
WHERE: Sonoma Coast, California
WHEN: 2009
HOW MUCH: $7.89

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Becky Sue Epstein
International Editor

Becky Sue Epstein is Palate Press’s International Editor. An experienced writer, editor, broadcaster, and consultant in the fields of wine, spirits, food, and travel, her work has appeared in many national and international publications including Intermezzo Magazine, Fine Wine & Liquor, Art & Antiques, Luxury Golf & Travel, Food + Wine, www.wine-pages.com and Wine Spectator. She began her career as a restaurant reviewer for the Los Angeles Times while working in film and television. Epstein is also the author of several books on wine, spirits, and food, including Champagne: A Global History; Brandy: A Global History, and Strong, Sweet and Dry: A Guide to Vermouth, Port, Sherry, Madeira, and Marsala.

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