Tamara Belgard is a freelance writer and graphic designer living her dream in Portland, Oregon. She currently writes a wine blog called Sip with Me detailing her journey through Oregon wine. Tamara is a marketing communications guru, a lover of wine, chocolate, and pedicures whose other passions include skiing, biking, hiking, writing, reading, photography, yoga, shopping, travel, and all things culinary.

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  • A lot of Sundays we sort of gravitate to the BBQ area…its like its calling us. I do not want to brag, but I will anyway, I make the most awesome chicken quarters around! I mean it, its so good I have named it… drippin chicken because it is so moist and juicy, Back to reality. I fired up the grill and as the chicken began to cook KD and I Unscrewed the cap (still cant get used to that) sooooo romantic. Unscrewed the cap of our wine of the night and sniffed the plastic screw top. I am Sorry did I just say that!!! Yes I did.