Wine writer W. Blake Gray is a member of the Editorial Board and a Contributing Editor for Palate Press. He is Chairman of the Electoral College of the Vintners Hall of Fame. Previously wine writer/editor for the San Francisco Chronicle, he has contributed articles on wine and sake to The Los Angeles Times, Food & Wine, Wine & Spirits, Wine Review Online, and a variety of other publications. He travels frequently to wine regions and enjoys coming home to San Francisco.

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  • Ahh, Mr. Grahm. Just one brief comment–a syrah-syrah cross will not yield a syrah daughter plant, or a clone of syrah. Sexual reproduction will will shuffle the deck, if you will. And the Lamarckianism (look it up) inherent im Mr. Grahm’s thinking is….well…goofy.

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  • Andi3

    please contact me. I would like permission to reprint info on your sake night in a local Japanese paper.

  • Ah yes, nicely put, ervyeone.

  • I dont disagree with this blog!

  • Rafaelle

    I am an avid reader of both your column and your blog; I always learn something new from your articles and find you to be a very gifted writer.
    I had a similar experience to the one you had a Terroir at a different Wine Bar here in San Francisco: Hotel Biron; I felt insulted by the bar tender and took me a couple of years to come back there.
    I say this because I hope you will consider giving Terroir another chance. (No, I don’t own the place) I go there quite often, always find the bar tenders to be helpful and cordial; nice people really. The wines they offer are also really interesting.
    If I ever happen to see you there, it will be my pleasure to go buy you a glass!!