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Eric Rosen is the restaurant reviewer and wine writer for He also regularly contributes to several other area publications including Los Angeles Confidential Magazine, Hotel Chatter, Jaunted, Frontiers IN/LA, Edge Publications, and The Rundown. Rosen has traveled all over the world exploring wine regions including those of France, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Portugal, and most recently Australia. To read more of his articles and see what he has been up to lately, you can read his personal blog and web site, Eric the Epicure.

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  • Eric,

    It appears you want to hit all the major grape growing areas of the world, so when you tie up South Africa, please get a hold of me in advance. I’ve made 25 trips there since 1994 and for the past 10 years, have grown grapes down there, too. We have an excellent Pinotage (Lions Drift) made which we are starting to import. More info at