Huneeus Vintners, which already contributed a 3.0L Quintessa plus a wine tour, has opened their hearts and cellars again to offer this 3.0L Faust Cabernet, vintage 2006. Retail value $200.00.

Lot 25 – 3.0L Faust Cabernet

A very good Cabernet Sauvignon-based Bordeaux blend from Agustin Huneeus. While it would not be true to say it’s a second wine of Quintessa, it does show the balance and integrity of that bottling, with a firm structure and dramatically layered black currant, mineral and cedar flavors. Will undoubtedly age. Best now through 2011, at least. — S.H. (12/1/2008) -Rated 92, Wine Enthusiast

“if feelings fail you, vain will be your course,

And idle what you plan unless your art

Spring from the soul with elemental force

To hold its sway in ever listening heart”


Opening bid is $100.00. Minimum bid increment $10.00.

[How it works- Each auction lot will get its own post. As soon as it gets its own post, the auction is live. Once a bit of time has passed, and people really know about Wine for Haiti, lots will go live AND HOT. Once hot, each lot is on a 24-hour cycle, ending at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time. If a lot goes a full 24 hours, from 10:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., without a new bid, the last bid in the comments wins. If we get into a bidding war, with the same people going back and forth, one day at a time, we will post something in the comments of that Auction Lot and schedule a time to bid to the death, at a time mutually agreeable to everybody involved.]

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  • I will kick it off for $100

  • Jeremy

    And the bid is currently at $100.

  • Jeremy

    Looks like that was simultaneous, so I’ll go to $110.

  • pbrcpa


  • i’ll raise it to $160

  • $170

  • Gary Thomas

    I bid $180

  • raising the bid to $190

  • Ok – just to get RJ’s goat… $200 IF IT CAN BE SHIPPED TO ME (PA or DE).

  • I’m checking on PA/DE. Since that bid is conditional, we’re not hot yet.

  • Thnx. Lemme know!

  • Okay everybody, we’re HOT. The answer to the PA/DE question from Huneeus, “Yes we can!”

  • WOOT!

  • pbrcpa


  • $225

  • pbrcpa

    What year is it?


  • 2006. Thanks for pointing that out. d

  • love the woot reference, joe. and i’m all about getting goats, too, but, this time, i’m going to let you run with it. good luck!

  • Thanks for that, RJ! You RAWK! 🙂